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Unplugged life supports and padlocked manhoods abound

Rival wiki smackdown slated on World of Warcraft

A pair of master criminals were collared as they struggled to fathom the manual gearbox of a Honda they were attempting to steal from a restaurant car park. Their difficulties gave staff time to call the police to apprehend them. Teenagers do something stupid? Perfect opening for a 'kids these days' comment:

It never ceases to amaze me how much dumber the kids today seem to be getting. I remember the first car I got coincidently a honda. I spent the first week just learning how to drive it. These kids spend more time in from of the tube then actually out doing something productive. Then when they try to do something stupid like this they always end up getting caught.


If you're talking vintage you could go back not that long really and find a car that still uses a choke.. Don't know what the idiots would think of that!

Peter Kay

How about those old crank-started cars? Could be fun to watch them puzzle over that.

Duh! After pressing Triangle, you have to press the Square button to speed away...


Before you feel superior to someone who drives automatic, consider that to use a gearstick in the US, you'd have to use your right hand.

Even when first driving an automatic there, I punched the door with my left hand a few times before I got used to it.


A Kent man got his most important feature trapped in a padlock, which had been glued shut. After a bit of shunting, he was cut free by some nice firemen. Swift nomenclature was needed:

One more for the list

Chicken Licken

Turkey Lurkey

and now...

Cocky Locky

Rob Kirton

Surely a suitable placed block of ice would have reduced the proportion of the problem to something more manageable!

Arnold Lieberman

Now I know where the phrase "To get a Chubby" comes from .


Perhaps he likes firemen. Well they did unlock his manhood using a hydraulic chopper. Who says it was accidental in the first place?


Somebody must have it in for this guy and it must be for a good reason. My logic goes as follows.

1) Locking your own in a padlock is not what most of us considered sensible, even when drunk.

2) Locking it in a padlock which is just the right size, between the lock being large enough to allow escape and too small to lock shut.

3) Then there is the superglue in the lock.

This all leaves me with the conclusion that somebody must have done it to him.

Who ever did this to him, must have premeditated the action by selecting a suitable padlock (implies knowledge of the size of lock needed), then opening it and once its open filling the lock with superglue thus ensuring maximum humiliation when they have to seek help to get it removed. As if your member is stuck in a lock you are hardly going to allow somebody to approach with superglue.

As they haven’t busted the locker of the padlock for there action it suggests that Mr locked cock has done them great wrong he doesn’t want anybody to know, even more than he didn’t want to have to show his manhood to the fire department..


You've put a suspicious amount of thought into this, James. Where were you on the night in question?

Not something we'd be able to answer about any night, come to think of it. But as long as we can still bash a keyboard, nobody seems to mind. We'll be back at it on Monday. ®


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