Qualcomm ARM server chips try on Red Hat Enterprise Linux for size

While Linaro slings data center ARM chips into new developer cloud

Qualcomm and Red Hat are busy porting the latter's enterprise-friendly flavor of Linux to Qualy's upcoming 64-bit ARM server processors, we learned today.

Specifically, the pair are "collaborating" to bring Red Hat's Enterprise Linux Server for ARM Development Preview to Qualcomm's 24-core ARMv8-A silicon shown off in October. Red Hat's ARM dev preview is, as it sounds, a work-in-progress ARM build of RHEL.

"Qualcomm Technologies (QTI) and Red Hat successfully booted Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server for ARM on QTI’s Server Development Platform (SDP)," Qualy said in a statement on Wednesday.

If you're part of Red Hat’s ARM Partner Early Access Program (PEAP), you can get hold of this unsupported ARM Linux port and run it on Qualcomm's ARM server chips and developer board, if you can get your hands on the hardware. The QTI server processors won't be available generally for months.

Alternatively, you can use Linaro's new ARM server-powered developer cloud, announced on Wednesday, to access Qualcomm's elusive data center-grade chips – as well as server ARM processors from its rivals.

"The developer cloud is based on OpenStack, leveraging both Debian and CentOS, as the underlying cloud OS infrastructure," embedded toolchain maker Linaro said in a statement today.

"It will use ARM based server platforms from Linaro members AMD, Cavium, Huawei and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., and will expand with demand, and as new server platforms come to market. These platforms will include both single socket and dual socket configurations as well as 10/40Gb networking, scalable storage and integrated accelerators that ARM SOC partners are bringing to market."

You can take a look see at the developer cloud, here, where you can request access to the service. ®

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