Retailer pitches £1000 £10,000 Nintendo Wii

Grand gesture

Updated Retail chain PC World is clearly out to cash in on the current shortage of Nintendo Wii in the UK. How else can we explain why it's offering one of the consoles for £1000 - more than three times' the recommend price?

Here's the proof:

PC World's £1000 Wii
How much?
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It's a glitch, of course. Or a staffer's joke. And even if it weren't, PC World has no units in stock available for delivery or for pick-up at one of its hangar-like retail establishments.

Still, it's a sure sign of the just how far some buyers are likely to go to snap up one of the oh-so-rare consoles this coming Christmas.

Indeed, we'd love to hear from PC World website insiders if anyone has been daft enought to actually try and buy a Wii at this price...

Update PC World owner DSG is trying even harder now: its website has the same Wii SKU on offer for a mere £10,000:'s low-priced Wii

So much for the website's tagline...

Thanks to readers Michael Taylor and Gareth Beck for the info.

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