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Asus EN8800GT/HTDP/1G 1GB graphics card

Nvidia's 'G92' gets a gig to play with

We ran the EN8800GT 1GB at the standard 600MHz/1800MHz speeds and also overclocked the card using the Asus SmartDoctor utility that is included on the driver CD.

SmartDoctor is a dual-purpose piece of software that monitors the temperature and fan speed of the graphics card and also provides a pair of slider controls for the core and memory speeds. In the case of the EN8800GT 1GB, the maximum settings are a core speed of 700MHz and memory speed of 2000MHz. However, the system locked solid at those settings.

Power Draw Results

Asus EN8800GT 1GB - Power Results

Power draw in Watt (W)

We split the difference and successfully clocked the 1GB at 650MHz/1900MHz which is the starting point for most 512MB GT cards and the result is clear in 3DMark06. The extra memory on the 1GB card didn’t show any benefit until we cranked the screen resolution and quality settings to the maximum, at which point the 1GB just about passed the 512MB TOP. That’s a resolution of 2048 x 1536, which is way beyond the point that most displays can manage.

3DMark06 Results

Asus EN8800GT 1GB - 3DMark06 Results

Longer bars are better

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