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The Register reaches more tech professionals than ever

Record readership, record audit

Press release London, UK, July 31 The Register has marked its tenth year as the UK's top tech and science news website by publishing its best readership figures yet.

An ABCe audit for April 2008 shows traffic to The Register continues to grow. Unique users hit 5.3 million, up 13 per cent year on year, while page impressions were 34.6 million, up 17 per cent on the year.

The Register has commissioned regular independent audits of its traffic since 1999, when the site generated just 1.3 million page impressions a month.

This growth shows that The Register has become the online home of IT professionals all over the world. The Register's internal statistics show that in the UK alone it regularly reaches more than 1.5 million unique users, with a similar number hitting the site in the USA.

"It's the quality of our content that pulls the readers in," said John Lettice, co-founder and editorial director of The Register. "Our readership growth is down to word of mouth."

"We invest a lot of time and money into editorial, to ensure that we get the stories that nobody else does and to make sure that we tell the story in the incisive, sceptical way our readers expect.'

From offices in London, San Francisco, Mountain View, Spain and Edinburgh, The Register executes client programs on both a regional and global level for the world's biggest tech and consumer brands.

"The advertising and engagement programs we operate for our clients are done with sensitivity and credibility because that's what our readership demands and that's what they respond to," said Linus Birtles, managing director of The Register.

"We are privileged to have a community that trusts and engages with us so deeply and advertisers that work with us soon learn how powerful and influential that community can be."

Reg readers passed a milestone of their own in April, when their comments shot past the quarter of a million mark. The site's readership of tech professionals regularly rack up 22,000 comments a month.

In ten years of pure play online publishing, The Register has ridden out the dotcom boom and bust and the Web X.0 bubble. As the economic climate darkens, it is well equipped to face the future.


"The Register is the UK's biggest online tech publication, with 1.5 million readers a month in its home country and more than five million readers worldwide.

Starting out in 1994 as an occasional newsletter, The Register began publishing online daily in 1998. Since then The Register has expanded from its London base, setting up offices in San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Edinburgh.

The lion's share of Register readers are IT professionals - software engineers, database administrators, sysadmins, networking managers and so on, all the way up to CIOs. The Register covers the issues they face at work everyday – in software, hardware, networking and IT security. The Register is also known for its "off-duty" articles, on science, tech culture, and cult columnists such as BOFH and Verity Stob, which reflect our readers' many personal interests." ®

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