Google App Engine to swallow Salesforce cloud

Business interest

Google is the latest to partner with on application-level integration between different clouds. will today announce for Google App Engine, the software-as-a-service provider's third package linking others' online services to its platform and applications built in its Apex programming language. for Google App Engine is a set of libraries that connect's applications and hosting infrastructure, making it native inside the App Engine.

The pack means developers will get native access to Google services such as Google's Bigtable distributed-storage system and talk to applications built using Python. Python libraries placed in the App Engine will be able to read and write to using the API.

Conversely, developers using Google App Engine get native access to the capabilities of the platform such as multi-tenancy, authentication, scalability, database, and workflow for their software to run in a business environment.

"If you want to build an application that connects to, or brings in, more enterprise capabilities it's a natural fit," vice president of developer marketing Adam Gross said.

The launch follows November's announcement of connection packages for Facebook and Amazon Web Services. ®

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