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LaCie d2 Network

Affordable Nas for fashionistas

A Torrent server is also built into the unit, making it possible to download large files directly to the Nas without having to leave your computer switched on overnight. Once again, its user interface leaves something to be desired. You cannot initiate a download, for example: instead, you have to initiate it using your own BitTorrent software on your computer, then import the Torrent file to the d2 Network's Torrent server.

LaCie d2 Network

The blue button triggers an instant backup of any data on an attached drive

It is hardly rocket science, but the average home user is going to stumble over this process. The user manual does not help much by telling you that to configure the BitTorrent function you should click on the Configuration button and 'Modify the available parameters'. No explanation is given of what these parameters do.

Much friendlier is the choice of backup software included in the box: Genie Backup Manager Pro (Windows) and Intego Backup Manager Pro (Mac). Having set up some appropriate shares on the d2 Network, it is very simple using either program to run system backups from each computer on the network, or to establish automatic backups on a timed schedule. Furthermore, any share can be set up as a backup target volume for use with Apple's Time Machine feature on Macs running OS X 10.5.


Despite our reservations about LaCie's minimalist user interface and user manuals, the d2 Network is an easy Nas to configure and it slotted neatly into our network in just a few minutes. For this reason, and at the decent price, it ought to be a top buy for any small network. However, non-technical users – who we imagined to be a target market for the d2 Network – should be prepared for a challenge. So a final word in LaCie's ear: a more comprehensive, explanatory user manual would have scored you an extra 5-10 per cent in our ratings.

LaCie d2 Network

LaCie d2 Network

This simple and silent network box should appeal to the non-techie without alienating the tech-savvy
Price: 500GB £154, 1TB £200, 1.5TB £260 RRP

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