Surgery fools Japan's fingerprint checks

Dab madam nabbed

A Chinese woman arrested in Japan had surgery on her fingers to fool biometric border checks when entering the country.

The 27-year old woman, Lin Ring, who was deported from Japan in 2007, paid for surgery to remove and switch the fingerprints from her left to right hands, and presumably vice versa. Japan uses fingerprint scanners to check travellers entering the country.

Lin reportedly entered Japan illegally via Kansai Airport last December using someone else's passport and her new dabs. She was arrested last month for entering a fake marriage to a Japanese man. Police then noticed scars on her fingers and thumbs and investigated further.

She said she paid 1.3m Yen, about £9,000, for the surgery in a private home in China.

Eight people have been arrested for altering their fingerprints in order to enter Japan between January and October, the Mainchi Daily News reports. ®

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