HTC 7 Trophy smartphone

Minimum spec mobile, the WinPho 7 way

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The various scene modes, include macro, and a few colour effects, as well as metering mode, which determines the exposure. Aside from these though there’s little to play with. Picture quality is OK, but you’ll need a steady hand, and digital noise can be quick to creep in with less than perfect light conditions.

HTC 7 Trophy

Does the job, but the battery life isn't great

There’s also the option to shoot 720p HD video and, however, the jump in supposed quality from VGA resolution to HD seems somewhat marginal on this camera compared to most others I’ve tried. A bit more work for HTC’s camera department there.

Like other WinPho 7 phones, you can set it up to send your pics directly to your cloud-based SkyDrive account with its 25GB of online storage. The battery life wasn’t outstanding and even a little worse than I was expecting – I barely got a full day’s use out of it before needing to recharge.


Compared to its WinPho 7 brethren, the HTC Trophy doesn’t have a whole lot to help it stand out. However, it is a very fast and capable smartphone with good social networking facilities and its current Vodafone exclusive options are quite reasonable too. ®

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HTC 7 Trophy

HTC 7 Trophy smartphone

Entry-level Windows mobile 7 smartphone
Price: £400 or £25 pm (Vodafone contract) RRP


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