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Nintendogs + cats is the first virtual pet sim my fiancée has let me near since the 'are-you-ready-for-a-baby?' Tamagotchi stocking-filler disaster of four Christmases ago. Three times I hatched a helpless, adorable little Tamagotcho, three times it died from neglect. We did go on to have a baby, by the way, and she's doing just fine... I think.

Nintendogs + cats

Fortunately, Nintendogs aren't nearly as needy – it took just a single biscuit to get Snowy's tail waggling after I accidentally left the 3DS on yesterday, leaving her starving and dehydrated. We're best friends again, now. She's enjoying the new tricks I'm teaching her through the responsive stylus controls and excellent voice commands. And she loved her walkies earlier – far more than me as I followed behind scooping up her 3D dog eggs.

Snowy also loves playtime and taking part in the daily contests, with cash rewards to spend on treats and toys, making playtime all the more interesting. But she's not so keen on the new addition to the family, Misty the cat, who, perhaps as a commentary on her entire species, alternates between abject apathy and outright antipathy towards us. Still, our new furry, four-legged hand grenade certainly makes for some unpredictable and memorable moments.

Both Snowy and Misty look great in 3D, even if the backgrounds are sparse. Their animations and proportions are lifelike, and they respond to petting and 'gentle' tail pulling with realistic individual body movements. I've even heard rumours that I can use the 3DS AR cards to bring Snowy and Misty into the real world, but I probably won't ever see that day.

Nintendogs + cats

You see, I'm really sorry guys. As much fun as I've had testing Nintendogs + cats, I'm reminded that virtual pets aren't really intended for 30-something blokes. So please pass on my sincerest apologies to the Tamogotchi when you make it to the great virtual pet shop in the sky.

Nintendogs + catsReg Rating 70%
Price £35
More Info Nintendo's official Nintendogs + cats website
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