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Pilotwings Resort

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It's 20 years since Pilotwings and 15 since Pilotwings 64. That's a long time to wait for the next instalment of one of Nintendo's most iconic cult titles. So, was it worth it? Well, yes - and no.

Pilotwings Resort

As with its forebears, Pilotwings Resort is a fantastic poster-boy for Nintendo's latest tech. What better way to entice players into the new dimension than by taking to the skies and reaching for the horizon? The feeling as you fly, hover or glide around Wuhu Island is quintessential Nintendo, an endlessly happy Summer's day full of childhood wonderment. It's impossible not to smile. The autostereoscopic effect conveys a sense of expansiveness and freedom you never realised was missing from regular polygon worlds.

But Pilotwings Resort's novelty soon wears thin. With Wuhu Island the game's only location, it's not long before you've explored every crag and crevice, every beach and glade. The mission mode is fun while it lasts, but lacks any real challenge or depth. The five classes - from Novice to Platinum - take a mere two hours to complete. And while a few are worth repeating to achieve the highest scores – none more so than the woefully underused wingsuit base-jumping - most are not.

Pilotwings Resort

Another location, a few more missions - that's all it would have taken to elevate this to must have launch title. But just when you've taken off and stretched your wings, the paucity of content in Pilotwings Resort brings you plummeting back to earth.

Pilotwings ResortReg Rating 65%
Price £35
More Info Nintendo's official Pilotwings Resort website

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