German mayor's browser tabs catch him with trousers down

I was just researching BDSM/Punishment Porn/German sluts, claims randy official

A German mayor has been left red faced after he posted online a screenshot of his browser without noticing open window tabs with adult material.

Thomas Köppl grabbed the screenshot on his iPad with his main browser window showing a Wikipedia page about the German Constitution and posted it on his Facebook page as part of a political argument.

Unfortunately, readers quickly noticed that the browser tabs were distinctly less political.

One was for the porn site xHamster, another for "BDSM porn videos," a third for "Punishment porn videos" and no less than two tabs were headlined "German slut punished." Only then did the browser offer Article 3 of the German constitution.

The mayor of Quickborn, near Hamburg, was quick to disown the screenshot. He deleted it and claimed someone else had taken it. But the screenshot showed him using an Italian mobile company, and he happened to be in South Tyrol in northern Italy on holiday – right next to the Italian/German border.

"Where did the screenshot of the Wikipedia entry and interesting taskbar go all of a sudden?" asked a concerned mind on his Facebook page. But someone had grabbed a copy and within hours German tabloid Bild had a story on the porn-watching mayor.

When that story – which suggested he was mayor of "Quick-porn" rather than Quickborn – found its way onto his Facebook page, Köppl admitted he did take the screengrab, but that he was only doing some research after he overheard a conversation about the site xHamster while on a ski-lift.

"I wasn't up-to-date, which annoys me," he wrote in response to comments. "They were mentioning the site 'xHamster,' and when I got to my room I wanted to get clued-up."

The tabs tell a different story

Bizarrely, Köppl's "defense" appears to be that he didn't actually watch any of the videos – because his internet connection was too slow. So that explains tab one.

As for tab two – "BDSM porn videos" – well that, he explains, was because he was reading a Wikipedia page about the novel Fifty Shades of Grey and wanted to look up what "BDSM" meant.

Oddly though, that intellectual quest did not lead him to the relevant Wikipedia page where BDSM is explained as a combination of two abbreviations: B/D standing for "bondage and discipline," and S/M standing for "sadism and masochism." Basically, if you're watching someone in leather tied up and being sexually humiliated, you've found BDSM.

Instead, Köppl ended up on a site showing BDSM videos – none of which he watched, remember – before opening three more windows on punishment porn and punishing German sluts.

Incredibly, skeptical constituents are not convinced of Köppl's explanations and remain convinced that while on holiday in his hotel room at a ski resort he decided to watch some porn. And some kinky porn at that.

Koppl announced his mood as "tremendously annoyed." ®

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