Windows 10 on Mobile under the scope: Flaws, confusion, and going nowhere fast

Are you serious, SatNad?

Generic blancmange

If Microsoft decided Windows Phone was too radical and needed a reboot, why not reboot it completely? It’s a platform whose great strength is supposed to be its unity and coherence, but the design chaos tells another story.

List boxes are square. Toggles are a pill. Anyone know why? I don’t. Those three variants of the back control. If Martians landed at Windows 10 dev HQ, they wouldn't ask "Take me to your leader", they'd ask to see the headless chicken.

As with Windows 10 itself, you’ll be playing “hunt the settings” game quite a bit. People are now represented by circles, which is one of the few design guidelines everyone seems to have followed, and on the Windows 10 mobile, the faces are little bubbles that bump into each other disconcertingly.

Some apps have a clear desktop influence, others have a distinct a mobile influence. But it all turns into a kind of generic blancmange.

Was this really necessary for the Great Leap Forward of Continuum? Windows 10 now looks like the platform that fragmented itself. Before anyone had a chance to use it. ®

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