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Apple assails mobile porn purveyor's URLs

' ... hmmm, what might that site contain?'

Apple has reportedly filed a complaint against a porn-purveying website that has glommed onto a gaggle of iPhone-related domain names that redirect unwary users to their hardcore smut service.

According to Domain Name Wire, the complaint was filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) against the alleged misuse of seven URLs:

As of Thursday morning, the first five redirect to, a website that is most assuredly NSFW when viewed on a PC broswer. The splash screen is rather less NSFW when viewed on an iPhone, where the site advertises itself as being "For the mobile PORN surfer who wants it all."

The latter two URLs merely lead to a "502 Bad Gateway" page.

Apple is no stranger to WIPO complaints. A quick search of their complaint history turns up dozens of successful challenges to alleged infringing URLs, including, and, and an assortment of Mac OS X Lion–related domain names, including

The identity of the domain names' owner is shielded on Whois through Moniker's privacy service, as is the identity of the site to which they redirect.

Interestingly, all seven of the allegedly infringing domain names – including the one that's arguably the most directly infringing, – were registered in August 2008. As Domain Name Wire rightly points out, whoever is behind displays a savvy understanding of iPhone naming conventions.

And before you ask, the identity of the owner of is shielded by Whois Privacy Services – but is still available.

Apple did not immediately respond to our request for confirmation of the WIPO complaint. ®

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