File sharing arrests move to Germany gone, operators arrested

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German-language news sites and blogs are reporting that file locker site has been shut down and its operators arrested.

According to Germany’s Netzwelt (‘Networld’), the Dresden Attorney General’s office conducted the shutdown in response to a complaint led by that country’s copyright agency, GVU. is accused of having uploaded more than 10,000 movies to under a paid affiliate program.

According to Telekom-Presse, the arrest and shutdown took place last week (bad Google translation here). That post also compares and as having a model similar to the more famous file-locker shutdown, Megaupload.

TorrentFreak reports that the German authorities have arrested “Maik P”, probably Maik Pätzold, owner of the domain; and “Marcel E”, presumably Marcel Edler, who is listed with Pätzold as a contact for’s hosting provider, (which is also currently offline).

The authorities say that after was shut down, continued its uploading activities, switching to alternative sites like ®


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