The Post-it note de nos jours?

Android App of the Week Textgram is another app designed to differentiate your digital self from the masses, in this case by letting you send graphically enhanced missives as MMS messages, or as pictures to your social network.

Maybe it’s the use of 'gram' in the name, but Textgram has already racked up between 100,000 and 500,000 downloads since its release on 11 April, so it’s worth a poke with the Reg Hardware stick.

Android app Textgram screenshot Android app Textgram screenshot

Type in your message (left) and apply your formats (right)

The app is certainly easy to use. On the first screen you create a message - 200 characters maximum - then justify, underline or strike your copy as the mood takes you, and select your preferred size of text. You can also pick from a large selection of emoticons.

The next page lets you change the message background and the font. Currently, there are only 14 layout options but I suspect this number will grow. The developer’s website even contains instructions on how to make your own designs and upload them.

Android app Textgram screenshot Android app Textgram screenshot

Apply interesting backgrounds

A recent update has added the facility to use a picture from your gallery as a custom background, but the end results are rather unrefined, with the text layer clearly visible over the image. Best avoided, then.

Beyond that there aren’t exactly a lot of options. You can’t change the text colour or even underline or italicize selectively. But this sort of limited choice never hindered Instagram's success.

Android app Textgram screenshot Android app Textgram screenshot

Emoticons aplenty

Hit the next button again and you get the option to either save your new graffiti to your gallery, or share it over almost every communication medium on your phone: SMS, e-mail, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and so forth.

If you get to this stage and decide your grammar stinks, or the design doesn’t get the message across, you can rewind to the plain text screen and edit away.

Android app Textgram screenshot Android app Textgram screenshot

There are numerous sharing options for your message (left), including Instagram (right)

After a week's worth of use, I can see why Textgram has become so popular so fast. If you want to post a nicely designed 200-character Post-it note to your social network, Textgram is nigh on ideal and it lets you ginger up your text messages too. ®

Apps2SD Yes
Size 5.7MB

Android app Textagram QR code

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Spice up your texts and post notes to your social network.
Price: Free (ad supported) £1 (no ads) RRP

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