Capita IT Services healing Hands make mark on biz

Restructure to cut role duplication and bureaucracy

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Chairs on good ship Capita IT Services (CITS) are being re-arranged under the say so of chief executive Peter Hands.

Staff were told via email - seen by El Chan - that Gordon Ellen, director of IT Services at Capita is set to leave the business at the end of May to take on a new "challenge".

And in typical Capita fashion it said this presented an "opportunity to realign our business to better serve our clients".

"We will combine the majority of operational activity from the existing Programme organisation with Operations. This enlarged unit will now be called Managed Services & Outsourcing (MS&O) ," the mail stated.

This organ will be led by Steve Rick who rocked up at CITS last summer to replace the previous no 2 Russ Hewitt, the man in charge of the Unity cost cutting programme.

The programme delivery capability, professional programme and project management under Kevin Gee will be aligned to the Professional Services unit. He will run the team reporting to Chris Shaw.

The Professional and Technical Service team previously under Andy Mackey will move to MS&O, the Security Consultancy arm will report to Dr Sandy Bell, divisional risk & compliance director, along with the Business Architecture and Analysis unit.

Service Architects will report to Steve Ward, the service management and end user computing director.

The folk in Infrastructure Delivery, Technical Delivery and Solution Delivery will move to Enterprise Infrastructure, led by Rob Meredith.

Network Delivery peeps will move to Network Service under the guidance of network service director Nathan Jennings, and the TDA organisation will move under chief engineer Dr Paul Stow.

In other moves, the financial services biz dealing with Capita's Life and Pensions division will remain as a specialist unit reporting to Elaine Baker, who will also keep control of the Applications Capability team.

She will also take responsibility for "providing leadership for both our business and client relationships" with all financial services clients.

The Client management team will report to Baker, and the next role for the former lead Stephen Creed will be "announced separately", though he will work to handover the role for a couple of months.

The final alteration is that the Applications Architeciure Community will be slapped together as a single practice under John Bergman, part of Paul Birkin's CTO and Solutions org.

"These changes take effect immediately and I would like to emphasise that the changes we are making are designed to remove duplication, shorten spans of control and improve our ability to deliver Service Excellence," said Hands in the email.

"By retaining the team structure and leadership, these changes allows us to maintain the momentum we have gained in driving our business forward," he added.

Former CITS CTO Mark Brown, the man that played a role in "supporting Big Ticket" deals is to "take on a new challenge" in another division, in a move that was announced last week.

A year ago CITS initiated a massive cost cutting drive by freezing salaries, cutting discretionary spending among the workforce and a botched redundancy programme.

Recently filed results for calendar 2012 showed that Capita IT Services turnover was pretty flat with the previous year at £633.4m.

The unit was hit by "challenging economic conditions" in Blighty, the parent said.

A CITS spokeswoman told us "There are currently no plans to make redundancies based on the updated organisational structure". ®


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