You know what they say: What happens in Vegas, goes on the internet – right, HP 3PAR guys?

Rumours trickling into our aural organs

Blocks and Files Hush there, 3PAR fans, and know of the rumours whispered into my ear following HP's Discover confab in Las Vegas this month.

Here we go:

  • We’ll see a better unified management console and new Remote Copy. We heard about triple data-centre replication with zero data-loss; async streaming for Remote Copy to give EMC's SRDF a tremor in the testicles; and async periodic Remote Copy.
  • Our super sensitive ears heard faint conversations about Adaptive Flash Caching (AFC) which uses the flash released by Adaptive Sparing as a cache, perhaps caching frequently accessed data from the controller cache. That should avoid having to buy dedicated SSDs to do that caching work. AFC could be included with the 3PAR OS and might even be called Accelerated Performance, taking 3PAR to the (v)max.
  • 3PAR could get object storage and file storage added to its block storage to become a converged and unified data store by the end of the year. How FAStastic will that be? Won’t NetApp be upset, and won't VNX fans be fulminating?
  • We also heard faint murmurings of an Eagle, an Apollo chassis with Ivy Bridge servers and disk shelves filling its ten slots. Cascading disk shelves were mentioned, whatever that means.

You know what they say; what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Oh, no it doesn’t. ®

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