DDN's wonderful Bridge of WOS: Cloud, meet on-premise storage

DataDirect Networks' gear talks to anyone anywhere, they say

DataDirect Networks has enabled its object storage system to use both on-premises storage arrays and ones in the cloud as object storage vaults.

The Web Object Scaler (WOS) Bridge platform supports both DDN Lustre and GPFS environments. Back-ends to the object serving "head" can be the company's EXAScaler and GRIDScaler arrays, located in one or multiple data centres and sharing a single namespace, and now extended out to the cloud with a federated tiering arrangement.

DDN says the resulting WOS can scale to hundreds of petabytes and combines cloud capacity and consumption models with the high-performance you get from on-premises arrays. The cloud is seen as a semi- or actual archive data tier.

WOS-Bridge has "a data migration engine that automates and manages data from a variety of storage platforms to a WOS storage cloud. WOS polices distribute data through a choice of replication or erasure coding to remote locations. Users accessing data in cloud storage or at remote collaboration sites can view, modify and update locally through WOS Access file gateways."

It provides POSIX-compliant NFS and CIFS access to data. The file system gateway enables data access for users that don't have access to either an EXAScaler or GRIDScaler cluster.

The company says its customers can:

  • Tier workloads by, for example, migrating less time sensitive data to lower cost live archive or Cloud storage
  • Replicate data between high performance storage platforms and the cloud for data protection and disaster recovery
  • "Access, distribute and share content across remote and geographically distributed sites for simplified collaboration without any tradeoffs in performance."

WOS-Bridge provides, DDN says, a single view of all local and cloud data, meaning trillions of objects, and automated data movement between arrays, data centres and the cloud.

The product s available now and can be configured with GRIDScaler based on GPFS 4.1. EXAScaler support is expected in the next quarter. ®

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