VMware launches vCHS in Japan and reveals China Telecom partnership

SoftBank scores in Japan as 'CT E-surfing Hybrid Cloud Services' name picked for Middle Kingdom ops

As El Reg predicted last week, VMware will offer its cloud hybrid service (vCHS) in Japan, and has also revealed a plan to launch the service in China.

In Japan, SoftBank will deliver the service from a single Tokyo data centre. A private beta of the service started today and Sanjay Mirchandani, VMware's senior veep and GM for Asia Pacific and Japan, told The Reg the service is expected to go live to all comers in 2014's fourth quarter.

Mirchandani added that Japan was chosen for the service's Asian launch due to the nation's spend on cloud likely doubling between now and 2016. That VMware has around 200 VMware Service Provider Program partners in Japan doesn't hurt either, as they'll all be able to resell vCHS. Helping them out will be a dedicated SoftBank sales force. SoftBank is also providing the physical network.

vCHS' arrival in Japan means VMware now has seven locations, the new one plus five data centres in the USA and in the UK. Mirchandani said the company plans to open an Australian facility by year's end.

Work has also begun on the service in China, where it will a partnership with China Telecom means it will be sold as “CT E-surfing Hybrid Cloud Services (Powered by China Telecom and VMware)”. Infrastructure-as-a-service will be the initial offering, with disaster recovery-as-a-service and desktop-as-a-service under consideration.

Mirchandani said "China Telecom’s sales force will target large to medium-sized enterprises and government departments. These will typically involve the financial, energy, transportation, insurance, healthcare and education sectors."

Prodded by The Reg on the topic of privacy in China, Mirchandani said those issues are for China Telecom to handle. "We provide the intellectual property and the know-how," he said. "It will be run by a Chinese company and they have responsibility for security. We think that its the best way to approach it." ®

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