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Vote now for LOHAN's stirring mission patch motto

Does the shed actually know no bounds, or what?

Poll It's been a blast, but after some serious linguistic tomfoolery, the time has come to decide on a stirring motto to adorn our proposed Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN) mission patch.

A proposed LOHAN mission patch

Thanks to everyone who contributed, and you can see how our beloved readers gave Latin a right shoeing here and here. We've already flagged up various contenders who didn't make the final cut, and here a few more examples, some of which take the language of the Caesars round the back of the bike sheds and give it a thorough slapping. The first is a reference to High Altitude Ballooning missions invariably ending in a close encounter with a magical magnetic tree:

  • Per Ardua, Ad Arbor - Darren
  • Per Ardua Ad Rehab - Liam Quigley
  • Fry the Friendly Skies - Tisha Hayes
  • Ii Porcos Veribus Ignem Ad Astra - Pigs Bladder Spits Fire To The Stars - Alex Carlton
  • O Fortuna Velut Luna - O Fortune Like The Moon - Marlene Meier
  • Suscitavit A Puncto Mei - Raise A Pint My Friends - Dan Wells
  • Et Altius Et Diutius - Higher and longer - Drew Dekreon
  • Si Tu Diligo Mihi Paro Mihi Solvo - If You Love Me Set Me Free - Andrew Heffron
  • Fieri Potest, Ut Superius - You Can Always Get Higher - Mat Brown
  • Audacter Murmurare - To Boldly Grumble - Luke Maharry
  • Olim Pop Non Potes Prohibere - Once you Pop You Can't Stop - Scott Willcocks
  • Orbium Climactic Ascensus Intumes - Climactic Ascent From Swollen Orbs - Jonathan Monahan

Entertaining stuff, but let's cut to the chase. Here's our final selection, with some Italian (courtesy of Dante, line 125 here), Anglo-Saxon and even good old Blightyspeak thrown into the mix.

All of the contributors whose offerings made the final cut will get one of the finished embroidered mission patches, and we'll have to decide just who was ultimately responsible for Ad Astra Tabernamque and Per Cervisiam Ad Astra.

Onwards and upwards...

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