Vulture South wants FORTY of you to go BACK TO SCHOOL

CSIRO's ICT in Schools program needs IT pros like YOU to help teachers and kids

Okay, Australian Reg Readers: we need 40 of you to help out the CSIRO's ICT In Schools program. What is that program, we hear you ask? ICT in Schools is based on the Scientists in Schools and Mathematicians in schools programs that match professionals from both fields with schools that need some help.

Both have worked well: over 3,900 partnerships have been established and 1,605 are under way at the time of writing.

In fact, the schemes worked so well that CSIRO last year launched an IT version - ICT In Schools – to pair IT professionals with schools that want some help.

What's involved? “Help” can mean a one-off talk, or a longer engagement.

The idea is to help teachers out and also to show kids that there are great careers to be had in both fields.

Vulture South knows that schools really struggle to teach IT, because feedback on the national Digital Technologies curriculum that teachers think they need more training and resources.

We also know that lots of teachers make amazing efforts, but many could use a hand.

When Vulture South learned about ICT in Schools we figured that Reg readers would be ideal volunteers or advocates for the program. That's why we want 40 of you to help the program. Here's what we want to achieve:

  • 20 of you to sign up as volunteers and work with a school;
  • 20 readers to do nothing more than introduce the program to a school you know, or the school your kids go to.

Where do I sign?

In coming weeks, The Reg will run a series of stories featuring participants in ICT in Schools to explain what's involved. You'll learn what's involved as a volunteer or what it takes to promote the program to a school.

If you don't need that extra info and just want to jump in, register here, after perusing this information sheet.

To promote the program to a school, print out this page of information and tell your target teacher to register here.

If you or a school you talk to registers for the program, be sure to fill in the “Where did you hear about ICT in Schools?” field with the response “From The Register –” or something else that points out it was El Reg wot done it. Let Vulture South know when you sign up, too. We'll write up tales of folks who volunteer.

On last an very important thing: if you decide to volunteer in any capacity, you'll need to pass a Working With Children Check. That's the check most junior sporting clubs require before you can be a coach or manager. ®

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