Apple stops caring about Samsung kit everyone else stopped caring about years ago

Fine, keep your Galaxy Tabs

Apple has ended its attempt to ban nearly two dozen old Samsung mobile models from import into the US.

The iPhone maker on Monday filed a motion for dismissal of its appeal against the 2012 decision by Judge Lucy Koh, which awarded Apple a $1bn damages payout for patent infringement but blocked an injunction against Samsung products.

Those infringing handhelds included some older Galaxy and Infuse handsets as well as Galaxy Tab tablets. Apple appealed against Judge's Koh striking down of the import ban attempt, even though Samsung said the gear has been discontinued.

"Counsel for Apple has conferred with counsel for Samsung Electronics Corporation, Ltd., Samsung Electronics America, Inc., and Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC regarding the substance of this motion," the iTunes giant wrote in its latest filing in California.

"Samsung does not oppose the relief requested in this motion and will not file a response."

The two companies are now engaged in a separate case that covers patent infringement allegations in newer Samsung devices.

This week's filing is the latest turn in the years-long legal case between Apple, Samsung and other vendors over allegations of infringement of patents covering iOS and Android gadgets. Apple, fueled by the sentiments of late-CEO Steve Jobs, has been particularly aggressive in pursuing legal action. ®

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