Dr Dre's crew gets Beats-down from Apple: 200 jobs to go – report

HR, finance will bear the brunt of cuts, it is rumoured

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Apple is planning to axe around 200 people from its new acquisition Beats Electronics, according to reports.

Both Bloomberg and 9to5 Mac had folks whispering in their ears that the fruity firm would be making the job cuts now that its $3bn slurp of the headphones and music streaming biz was well underway.

The deal was recently given the go-ahead by the European Commission earlier this month, after the Eurocrats said they couldn’t see any problems with the low combined market share that a combined Apple and Beats would have.

According to Bloomberg’s source, the layoffs will happen in HR, finance and other areas where there’s overlap between the two firms.

Apple refused to comment on the reports.

Apple’s decision to merge with Beats marks the biggest acquisition in its history and brings music streaming into its repertoire. The firm’s iTunes store is already a big player in digital music sales and a streaming service makes sense for the company.

Beats' headphones and music-playing knowledge (or lack thereof, according to audiophiles) should come in handy too, as nice value-adds to future iterations of its Jesus Phones and iPads. ®


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