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Exclusive SPB t-shirt flies into Kickstarter

'The Shed Knows No Bounds', and we hope your wallets are similarly limitless

Our Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN) Kickstarter tin-rattling is, er, rattling along nicely, and we offer sincere thanks to those who've already chosen to back our audacious spaceplane ballocket launch in New Mexico.

Our quality merchandising - which includes stickers, mugs and t-shirts - has been flying out of the door. Indeed, readers who didn't get straight in there for one of the LOHAN engraved pint tankards have missed their chance, although they can still be acquired in conjunction with a t-shirt, or by snapping up the chance to meet the spaceplane team in London.

Amid the Kickstarter excitement, we have been keeping one ear open for suggestions for other kit. Over the past few years, there have been calls for us to punt a Special Projects Bureau t-shirt. These exhortations have increased over the last week, so we're happy to oblige, with added sheddy goodness:

Our SPB logo t-shirt with motto

A mock-up of our exclusive SPB shirt

As SPB regulars know, a reader poll selected Ad Astra Tabernamque ("To The Stars And The Pub") as our official LOHAN motto. In second place was Tugurium Terminum Nescit ("The Shed Knows No Bounds"), and there was no way we were going to let that tremendous effort go to waste.

So, from the shed to the stars and then the pub it is - with your support. The "Tugurium T" will be screenprinted on a proper 100 per cent cotton white American Apparel shirt, and offered in all sizes from XS to XXXL.

We don't compromise on quality, so rest assured you'll be getting your 30 quids' worth. Onwards and upwards... ®


There are currently exactly three SPB t-shirts in existence, knocked up quickly by a print-to-order service. Here's apprentice boffin Katarina sporting one during our experimental flying truss tests back in 2012:

Apprentice boffin Katarina poses with the model flying truss

They're ok, but transfer printing is no match for traditional screenprinting if you want a durable result.

More from the lovely LOHAN:

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  • We sometimes indulge in light consensual tweeting, as you can see here.

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