Cisco UCS Invicta off the shelves, for now

Wheels temporarily fall off flash array bandwagon

Reports are emerging that Cisco is holding back its UCS Invicta storage products because of unspecified performance issues.

The kit, for which the Borg laid out US$415 million in September 2013 in its acquisition of Whiptail before a January 2014 launch, put the company into direct competition with partners NetApp and EMC.

That is, of course, if it were shipping, which right now it isn't and it won't be until “scalability issues” are addressed, some time before October.

According to US reports, Cisco has put a temporary hold on shipments of the flash-based storage appliance.

The problem seems to arise when customers start stacking appliances, with an unnamed partner saying the product isn't scaling as expected, and some kit has been returned to Cisco.

Cisco provided the following statement to The Register:

We have been seeing tremendous demand for Invicta from within our UCS installed base, but as we ramped up volumes, we found that a small number of customers were experiencing quality issues in deployments.

Our customers expect the same quality, simplicity and customer experience from Invicta as they've become accustomed to with other Cisco products, so we decided to put a temporary hold on shipments while we address those deployment and experience issues We expect to resume shipments later this fiscal quarter (Aug-Oct).®

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