WordPress 4.0 is here, complete with one-click upgrade process

Don't relax yet, sysadmins, there's still a chance for some big messes here

WordPress 4.0 has landed, which is kind of a big deal seeing as the blogging/content management software runs around 60 million websites.

As ever, users can upgrade with a single click should they choose to do so. Those who host their own WordPress installations will need to backup both the database and the content they've created before hitting the button.

WordPress says the new release, dubbed “Benny”, is more WYSIWYG than ever and offers the chance to embed media by doing nothing more than typing in a URL. There's also a new media management feature offering drag and drop uploads and a considerably improved media library.

There's also a new plug-in library said to be easier to use thanks to a tiled interface and honking big icons.

WordPress is talking down the 4.0 milestone, saying it is “just another number for us after 3.9 and before 4.1” but the organisation has “put a little extra polish into it.”

Many WordPress users make extensive use of third-party plug-ins and those have been known to break as new versions of the software emerge. The changes to WordPress 4.0 don't look big enough that they'll create plug-in problems, but those using WordPress in production will do well to plan a formal upgrade rather than just hitting the Go button. ®

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