5.5in iPhone 6, iWatch hypegasm: What will Apple reveal - BE the rumour

Well, predict. Assuming it's not OS X 10.10 out of beta

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Poll Tomorrow, in California, Apple will summon its pet hacks and erect a web video stream to unveil new iPhone- and smartwatch-shaped things.

Just what do Cook and Co. have in the pipeline? As usual, the company isn't saying anything ahead of the event. However, by piecing together various rumors, it seems likely Apple will expand its iPhone family by introducing not one but two new models: an iPhone with a 4.7in screen and a larger handset with a 5.5in display. Both are supposed to sport sapphire-glass screens.

Though the new phablet iPhone – whither the iPad mini? – may be unveiled tomorrow, fans may have to wait a while to get their hands on the slab. Earlier this year it was reported that manufacturing woes have put the bigger iPhone on track for a release in 2015.

The smaller handset is still believed to be on track to go on sale in 2014, though it probably won't look like this.

Then of course there's the small matter of what the fanbois will wear on their wrists. Tomorrow's event is also said to be the planned debut of an Apple watch. Already dubbed "iWatch," the new piece of wrist candy said to sport NFC and will integrate with a new Apple-branded payments platform. Even the new iPhones are supposed to support pay-by-bonk NFC too.

The would-be iWatch is also said to have a curved glass display that will contour around the wrist, meaning it will look a sight better than the current line of smartwatches, which are basically just small slabs attached to a wristband.

While Apple has yet to publicly acknowledge it is working on a watch, reports out of the mothership are that execs remain more than a bit confident their entry will shake up the market for watches both smart and dumb.

Either way, we'll know more tomorrow when Apple breaks its silence and shows the fanbois the what the gear they've already started lining up for will look like. It's normally around this time of the year Apple announces its new pocket hardware, but wouldn't be fantastic if it was simply taking OS X Yosemite out of beta?

Can you pick the coordinated leaks insider whisperings from the pure wide-of-the-mark guesswork by bloggers? Vote in the poll below and we'll see tomorrow whether our Reg readers are on the money. ®

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