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Fedora gets new partition manager

GParted for a new era

Fedora developer Vratislav Podzimek wants partition managers to catch up with modern storage technologies, and has launched his offering, blivet-gui, on the waiting world.

The tool is designed to act as a front-end for Fedora's Anaconda.

Available at copr here, the partition manager is “still in early development stage”, with Podzimek saying it currently offers support for virtualisation of storage devices, create/edit/delete disk partitions, LVM2 physical volume support (with volume groups and logical volumes), and an option to create a kickstart file for the Anaconda installer.

As Podzimek explains here, he's taken Anaconda's storage backend and given it what he hopes is a user-friendly frontend to “build a standalone application for storage management.”

He notes that there's a lot of GParted's UI to make it easy to use the new tool. However, as well as the partitioning and file operations supported by GParted, he says, a user could put together a sequence to:

  • Create a 10 GB sda1 partition;
  • Put a LUKS device on top of it;
  • Use the LUKS device as a PV (physical volume) to support a volume group (VG), devoting half of the VG space to a logical volume (LV), and running XFS on top of the LV.

Podzimek also notes that he's added Xembed protocol support so that environments like Gtk and Qt can can use blivet-gui as part of their UI. ®

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