China is now 99.8% sure you're you, thanks to world's-best facial recognition wares

Travelling to Beijing? Better grow a mo, horns, pack on some pounds and pray

Chinese researchers have developed a facial recognition system that can pick faces from a crowd with 99.8 percent accuracy from 91 angles.

The platform can distinguish between identical twins, unravel layers of makeup and still identify an individual if they've packed on or shed kilos.

Researcher Zhou Xi of the Chinese Academy of Science told local reporters the system would be built into a fondleslab app next year.

"The facial recognition system is not only accurate but also quick to recognise," Xi said.

The platform which is limited use in China topped Carnegie Mellon University's global standards beating the previous accuracy record of 97.6 percent.

It was trained against a database sporting 50 million Chinese faces compiled with help from the University of Illinois and the National University of Singapore.

The biometrics system comes as Australia's Immigration Minister Scott Morrison announced facial recognition Smart Gates would be installed at departure areas within the nation's airports.

The systems already in place at arrival points work by matching Aussie or Kiwi passports against a stored photo and dramatically cut down on Customs wait times, much to this correspondent's delight. ®

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