CloudMask dons cape and sets foot on the mean streets of Blighty

Canucks seek cloudy partners on the right of the Pond

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Cloud-based security services firm CloudMask, whose technology offers to protect sensitive information in the cloud, even in the case of a network breach, launched in the UK on Tuesday.

CloudMask's technology works on the premise that no one can be trusted with data - including cloud administrators, governments, employees, and even company IT administrators.

Its "zero trust mode" means only the owner of the data maintains control of decryption keys and decides who should get access to data. Workers in the same group can decrypt shared data which is nonetheless accessible to others in an organisation.

The Canadian firm, which offers cloud-based tokenisation and encryption technology, is expanding to the UK after 18 months selling its wares to government, legal, financial and health care sectors enterprises in North America. Some 70 per cent of revenues come from channel partners, it claims.

Its Selective Intelligent Masking technology allows CloudMask to track, protect and control access of the sensitive data throughout its lifecycle. Strong encryption, tokenisation and masking ensure data protection, even if a hacker has infiltrated a network. The idea is that this approach also guards against government snooping and unauthorised access by third-party service providers.

CloudMask has partnered with Entrust, Salesforce, IBM and Amazon to deliver its security services. The firm has launched a channel recruitment programme in the UK to support its international expansion.

Partners can enhance their security portfolio with CloudMask’s technology, which is an alternative to special encryption gateways or VPNs. Data is encrypted from creation with its application neutral technology, a process CloudMask argues simplifies the deployment process in comparison with technology from its competitors such as CipherCloud. CipherCloud's technology works through a gateway while CloudMask offers endpoint to endpoint encryption and the ability for authorised parties to access data on their mobiles.

CloudMask is primarily channel focused with over 70 per cent of business coming through partners in North America. The company is looking to partner with trusted channel resellers in the UK specialising in security and data privacy.

For target customers CloudMask offers to promise of helping them to save money by accelerating their adoption of cloud applications while maintaining visibility and control of their data and maintaining compliance with data privacy regulations such as the UK's Data Protection Act. ®


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