Everyone taking part in Patch Tuesday step forward. NOT SO FAST, Adobe!

Critical fix will have to wait a few days

Adobe has pushed back the release date for a planned security fix in Acrobat and Reader.

The company said that the patch for both Windows and OS X versions of Reader and Acrobat due for tomorrow will instead arrive next week. The delay will give the company time to iron out problems spotted during testing, the company said in its announcement of the shift.

Adobe says the update, when it finally arrives, is a top deployment priority for both Windows and OS X users. The company said that the flaws, which have not yet been detailed for obvious reasons, included 'critical' vulnerabilities, a designation usually reserved for flaws which allow an attacker to remotely execute code without notification.

As it stands, users could be vulnerable for another week or more as the company looks to get the issue sorted so the patches can be deployed.

No worries, Adobe. It isn't as if Reader and Acrobat aren't already two of the most common targets for attacks or anything.

On the bright side, the Adobe delay will help to lighten the load for tomorrow's Patch Tuesday. Microsoft still plans to release its Patch Tuesday bundle of fixes. This month's updates include a critical update for Internet Explorer and patches for Windows, Server and .Net. ®

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