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Intel's SECRET Xeons: tell us what you think Chipzilla's hiding

New Xeons come in 35 flavours Intel won't reveal … which is where YOU come in

POLL At the Australian launch of Intel's new Xeon E5-2600 v3 yesterday, Chipzilla's local folks popped up a slide trumpeting the fact that the chip now comes in 35 special flavours.

Your correspondent asked Intel to name a few, which prompted a response that pre-launch debate considered whether or not to include the slide because there's no public list of the 35 Xeon variants. That's because those with sufficient clout to get Chipzilla cooking them up a special batch of Xeons aren't always keen for the world to know they need a special CPU. Indeed, we were told that development teams inside Intel are segregated so that news of special cuts doesn't even percolate inside the company.

What is known is that there's a special Xeon for Oracle and one with an integrated FPGA. There is also at least one version that can operate at unusual temperatures. It's safe to assume there's a cut optimised for use in storage arrays and probably another for networking appliances. And of course there are lots of different production models. But what about the other 20-odd secret Xeons?

Your guess is as good as ours, so we've popped up the poll below to help you guess at the other specialty Xeons Intel has cooked up.

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Did we miss an edition? If so, get thee to the forums to let us know the exotic Xeons you think Intel has created. ®


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