Salesforce plan to rename London skyscraper 'Salesforce Tower' DEMOLISHED

Salesforce salesforce only occupied six floors

A plan to rename a London skyscraper Salesforce Tower has been abandoned after the building's owners decided to give it more sensible name.

The Heron Tower in London's financial district will now be known simply as 110 Bishopsgate, reflecting its actual address.

Other tenants of the building raised concerns when the plan was first announced, particularly as Salesforce was only planning to occupy six floors.

It is understood that the the City of London’s planning and transportation committee will soon rule that only firms which occupy more than 50 percent of a building can apply for a name change.

The 36 floor building is owned by Landmark, which was bemused when the American cloud firm barged in and demanded the building be given a new name.

Back in May, Landmark managing director Richard Gill said: "When we first notified our clients, about five or six emailed back asking if this was some kind of belated April Fool's joke." ®

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