Man buys iPHONE 6 and DROPS IT to SMASH on PURPOSE

Yarrrgh! 'Tis Antipodean insanity, ye crazy swab

First Crack In the queue to buy the iPhone 6 today, Vulture South met a chap named Alex McCredie, the founder of Sydney iThing repair company FixPod.

Alex intended to buy an iPhone 6 Plus, then drop it to see what happened.

To say Alex was a bit conflicted about the project is an understatement: he was clearly struggling with the idea of handing over AUD$999 – US$895 or £543 – for something he'd break a few minutes later.

The vid below shows what happened when Alex let gravity take its course on his shiny new toy.

Well, that's one way to waste a thousand bucks. And dent – or perhaps crack – the reputation of the new iPhones' Gorilla Glasssapphire screens.

McCredie's not the only Australian to do this: the first Perth fanboi to buy the iPhone tried to show it off to a TV reporter and inadvertently dropped it as the cameras rolled.

We can't embed that footage but we'll save you a click and reveal that the iPhone survives. ®

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