Apple: Beats Music is safe with us. Just like your selfies in iCloud

The Beats goes on ... Cupertino hasn't forgotten about Dre, etc

Apple has denied rumors it is shutting down radio streaming service Beats Music, which it acquired with Dr Dre's Beat Electronics brand this year.

The iThing giant told reporters on Monday that blog posts alleging the service will be discontinued are "not true". Apple didn't reply to our request for comment. It was rumored Beats bods had already been moved into other divisions at Apple.

Separately, Re/code claimed that while Apple is not planning to kill Beats Music outright, the iPhone flogger may rebrand the service.

The rumors and uncertainty come less than four months after Apple shelled out $3bn to acquire Beats, and bring cofounders Jimmy Iovine and Dr Dre on board. When the move was announced, it was widely believed that Apple was primarily interested in gobbling Beats Music to whack into iTunes.

If Cupertino were to shut down the Beats Music service, that would leave it with the Beats headphones business as well as the Beats team (Dre MD et al). Now that's an acqui-hire. With that in mind, we'll venture to guess that the second reported scenario (a rebrand) is far more likely to occur than the former (a total shutdown) in the coming months. ®

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