Google goes Dutch with new €600 MEELLION DC

A big fridge in Eemshaven

Google is to splash the cash in The Netherlands to build a new €600 million (more than $US770 million) data centre behind the dike.

To be located in Eemshaven, the Chocolate Factory attributes the choice of location to the stability of Dutch energy supplies, according to Reuters.

Google already operates DCs in Ireland, Finland and Belgium, and Reuters quotes the company's Mark Jensen as setting a H2 2016 date for the facility to go into operation with 150 permanent Oompa-Loompas.

Google says the port town also has direct connections to London and Amsterdam, two major Internet hubs. The 120 MW facility will also be handy to a bunch of other submarine cables: SeaMeWe-3, TAT-14 and the Germany-Netherlands cables all have landing points nearby, just across the Eems in Germany.

Google says the facility will be “free-cooled” using a combination of grey water and the region's cool air, and the company plans to run the facility on renewables.

Mountain View says it will maintain its current rented space in Eemshaven. ®

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