Telstra puffs Cisco cloud into Honkers and Singapore

Adds extra Oz connectivity with Equinix

Telstra has announced two new offshore Intercloud POPs and has signed with Equinix for connections in Sydney and Melbourne.

Under the international expansion, the carrier says it's going to kick off operations in Hong Kong and Singapore. The Cisco-powered Intercloud solution, launched in Australia earlier this year, is based on Cisco's OpenStack implementation.

The Australian-hosted service is now under trial with several customers, according to Telstra's executive director for cloud Erez Yarkoni. Cisco unveiled the hybrid-cloud service in March, with Telstra joining Canopy, Ingram Micro and Logicalis as foundation customers. The ambitious aim of the service is to encourage cloud adoption in the big end of town.

The carrier has also taken up POPs in Equinix facilities in Sydney and Melbourne. According to Equinix, Telstra will plug itself into Sydney's SY3 and Melbourne's ME1 data centres.

This is in addition to existing deployments in Honkers, Tokyo, Singapore and Sydney.

Telstra has booked out space for 1,500 cabinets in Melbourne, with the first 375 to be hoisted into the facility by the end of Q4 2014. Equinix says it's building a new 105,000 square feet (roughly 9,700 square metres) building shell to house the kit. ®

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