EE coughs to BROKEN data usage metrics BLUNDER that short-changes customers

Carrier apologises for 'inflated' measurements cockup

Outraged EE customers who have reported flawed data usage spikes on their accounts are being told not to panic by the mobile operator.

The glitch in the company's "My EE" app has led to some confused subscribers paying for more data, it has been claimed.

Register reader Andy told us that his account had first been hit with the problem back in July.

Similarly, Reg reader Matt told us that customers had been complaining about the data cockup for months now.

"EE are in denial and blaming customers poor tracking of their data use, use of third party counters, or use of counters on their phones," he claimed. "Many users have conducted controlled tests with test files which show the EE data counters to report double what is actually downloaded."

He added: "Many users lose their internet connection when their allowance is used early as a result, forced to pay for add ons to get back online. How many don't realise it's not their fault?"

EE finally admitted to customers on its community forum that there was a snag with its data usage measurement system on Wednesday - which just so happened to be the same day that El Reg sought comment from the carrier.

The company, which operates the Orange and T-Mobile brands in the UK, finally responded to us on Friday. But rather than offer the Reg a statement, Vulture Weekend was instead pointed toward the "EE Data Robbery!!" forum post.

Its community manager Ed_H said:

We can confirm that some customers are seeing inflated data usage appearing in My EE and/or My Account and it appears some of you are experiencing this error.

First of all, we'd like to stress that customers seeing this disparity are not using or being charged for the extra data usage that is appearing in My EE and My Account. This is a display issue only.

We are working on resolving the issue right now and we expect to have a fix installed soon.

He added SMS alerts tell customers when their data allowance has hit 80 per cent usage. A second text is then sent once all that data has been gobbled.

"You can also view an estimate of your data usage using the data tracker on your handset," he said. "Apologies to those that have been affected by this. I'll provide a further update as soon as I have more information."

But, it would seem, subscribers can't rely on EE's own app to accurately display data usage to its long-suffering customers.

In April, EE refused to admit that there was a problem with its Orange Mail app, even though it appeared to have quickly drained the data allowance on a barely-used PAYG phone. ®

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