Fraud shop OVERSTOCKED with stolen credit cards

Supply, meet demand: prices crash

Infamous carding store is so chock-full of stolen credit cards from recent high-profile breaches that it's gutting its prices due to overstocking.

The fire sale makes a mockery of the security in place at some of the world's biggest retailers, many of which have in recent months been invaded by hackers who have made off with many millions of customer credit cards.

US Target stores, along with Sally Beauty and Home Depot were some of the most high-profile organisations known to have had millions of customer cards added to the Rescator store. It was doubtless that scores more organisations have been breached without being reported on the public record.

Many of the recent breaches involved point of sales malware such as BlackPOS loaded onto store payment terminals.

Stolen cards were released on the site in tranches under names such as American Sanctions and European Sanctions which could be purchased in batches and filtered by geography to reduce the chance that a buyer's subsequent fraudulent transactions would be detected.

The shadowy figure behind Rescator was according to cyber crime investigator Brian Krebs most likely Andrew Hodirevski, a Ukrainian national. The hacker offered Krebs $10,000 not to run the story that ultimately identified him. ®

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