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TEEN RAMPAGE: Kids in iPhone 6 'Will it bend' YouTube 'prank'

iPhones bent in Norwich? As if the place wasn't weird enough

Two teenagers have braved the wrath of Tim Cook after apparently sneaking into an Apple store and bending a number of iPhones, after which they uploaded the vid to YouTube, as you do.

The pair, whose faces are visible in the video, performed their "test" in response to persistent rumours that the iPhone 6 Plus was changing shape when exposed to the fiery heat of fanbois' crotches.

The boys, who said they had filmed the vid in a Norwich Apple store, applied some force to bend the iPhone, and appeared to manage to alter the shape of some units so much that the screen popped out.

Of course, there's a very strong likelihood that pretty much anything of the shape, size and consistency of a mobile phone will bend if you exert enough pressure on it.

So why did they do it?

"We spoke to an Apple person," one of the boys said, presumably talking about a store employee. "He said the iPhone 6 plus can't be bent, and said it was a rumour.

"But we proved it. The screen popped out, but we had to push it back in as there were people around and if we were caught we would end up paying for the phone."

"It's not a rumour, it's true. Apple, you need to fix it."

The kids, who have since taken down the video (though it can be found elsewhere) could face charges of criminal damage. ®


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