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Converged infrastructure, the software defined data centre and cloud computing allow you to optimise your hardware for your workload, but that’s just the beginning of this story. Our Regcast takes you to the next step: a data centre built of a common modular architecture of pools of servers, storage and networking, in which software defines how they combine, to provide application-specific compute resources that are managed as automated services.

This is what HP has called the “Compute Era”, and they think it will define the data centre for the next quarter of a century. Is it realistic? HP’s Martin Riley and Intel’s Malcom Hay think so. They explain the technology improvements that mean the “compute era” promises an order of magnitude better performance for many applications, dramatic power saving or a new level of automation. They also describe how your architecture and purchasing decisions today will influence how soon you can enter the new era. Freeform Dynamics’ Dale Vile compares where we’re going to where we are now, and The Reg’s Tim Phillips keeps their feet on the ground and gets answers to your questions.


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