Nicked iCloud snaps: Celebrities were 'dumb' – new EU digi boss

Er, why did you put nude pics 'on the internet', JLaw?

You’re so dumb! That’s the new EU Digital Commissioner’s message to celebrities who had their iCloud accounts hacked.

Let’s hope Gunther Oettinger hasn’t saved any sensitive information in the cloud or his words may come back to haunt him. The German politician was speaking at the European Parliament yesterday in a bid to gain support for his new role.

Oettinger described the leaks of nude selfies of various celebs as “semi-serious” and then went on: “If someone is dumb enough to as a celebrity take a nude photo of themselves and put it online, they surely can’t expect us to protect them. I mean, stupidity is something you cannot – or only partly – save people from.”

It seems Oettinger is confused about the difference between “putting something online” and storing it in a supposedly secure cloud locker. ®

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