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Apple blacklists tech journo following explicit BENDY iPhone vid

Floppy phone gets well and truly buckled by teutonic techie

Apple has allegedly blacklisted a German tech journalist who filmed a video that proved the new iPhone 6 Plus could be bent.

Axel Telzerow, editor of Computer Bild, was determined to see if the new mobe could be persuaded to take on a more curved shape, only to be "shocked" to see how easy it was to buckle the already quite curvaceous device.

However, he was even more shocked to receive what he claimed was an ominous phone call from the Apple cops after posting a video of his bending activity.

Telzerow claimed a fruity stormtrooper said he would never again receive Apple products for review purposes, or be allowed to come to any Apple events.

The editor was reportedly really, really saddened by Apple's actions, and as a fully paid up fanbois, has flown over to many product launches in Cupertino. Being rejected by his favourite company has clearly shaken his faith in the great God Apple.

"We were shocked about how easy it was to bend the device," Telzerow wrote in an open letter to Apple, "and so were around 200,000 viewers who have watched the video. We can imagine that you and your colleagues must have been shocked too.

"This might be the reason why we got a call from one of your German colleagues the next morning. He was upset, and it was a rather short conversation. 'From now on,' he said, 'you won’t get any devices for testing purposes and you will not be invited to Apple events'."

"Dear Mr Cook," Telzerow continued. "Is this really how your company wants to deal with the media that provide your customers with profound tests of your products? Do you really think a withdrawal of Apple’s love and affection could have an intimidating effect on us? We are deeply disappointed about your company's lack of respect."

El Reg knows what it's like to be on an Apple blacklist, even though few people can remember what we did to incur the wrath of Cupertino. Legend has it one of our vultures took the mickey out of Steve Jobs' thinning hair, thus making sure we ended up in Cupertino's bad books for all time.

We contacted Apple for comment but have received no reply, as per usual.

If you're listening Apple, we're sorry for what we said to your Peak CEO back in the good old days. Can we have a free bendy iPhone, please? ®

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