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SLOSH! Cops dethrone suspect - by tipping over portaloo with him inside

Talk about raising a stink and soiling your career

Vid The careers of four US cops could be flushed down the pan after they tipped over a portable toilet while a man was inside it.

Four officers from the Memphis Police Department have been suspended after pushing over the portable potty.

Inside was 31-year-old Joseph Hampton, whom the cops suspected of criminal trespass and evading arrest.

As he stepped out, the police appeared to give him a good kick before leading him away in cuffs.

The whole stinking incident was caught on film, with the surprised cameraman yelling "oh no, they didn't" as the bog goes down.

All four officers have been put on gardening leave with full pay while an investigation is carried out.

At least they'll have some decent manure to put on their roses. ®

Raw mobile phone footage of police tipping over the portaloo

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