Another day, another cloud computing price cut

Chocolate Factory cuts Compute Engine costs by about ten per cent

Another day, another cloud computing price cut, and this time it's Google's turn to wield the razor.

As a result, those at the pointy end will find their bills for Chocolate Factory Compute Engine instances are ten per cent lower than was previously the case.

Here's Google's handy chart for the mathematically-challenged:

New Google compute engine prices

Google says the cuts “... are a result of increased efficiency in our data centers as well as falling hardware costs, allowing us to pass on lower prices to our customers.” The Chocolate Factory is also offering the usual yadda yadda about Moore's Law being alive and well and just the fertiliser startups need to grow into mighty oaks with disruptive roots tearing up the pavement.

AWS and Microsoft are probably poring over their spreadsheets as you read, trying to find a way to make cuts of their own to keep the race towards the beautiful bottom going. And you, dear reader, are the beneficiary. For now. Probably. ®

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