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Is Apple incubating a Macbook, iPad bastard child?

Over 12 inches big and running hybrid OS. The stuff of fantasy. Right?

What do you think would happen if an iPad made sweet, sweet love to a Macbook? Just go with it please, for the sake of argument.

It would give birth to a misshapen, outsized fondleslab, running a delicate and (probably) delicious integration of OSX and iOS. And a full suite of apps, naturally.

But it's not going to happen, is it? Well, it might not be such a far-fetched idea, if the latest rumour issuing forth from the Far East is to be believed.

According to the Korean website Digitimes, Apple will release a 12.9-inch iPad next year that will run such an OS.

Mysterious "sources in the supply chain" said Apple will introduce a normal tablet and a two-in-one device, both of which will be 12.9 inches in size.

Apple's upcoming Yosemite desktop upgrade (OSX 10.10 – now out in developer preview) has features cribbed directly from iOS, such as calendars and a notification centre.

So, will we eventually see this super desktop fondleslab, encompassing all the disadvantages of both an iPad and a laptop?

We're not holding our collective breath. ®

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