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Security policy and EU data protection: Don't waste a good crisis

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Handy synopsis for you

Websense research finds that 40 per cent of UK security professionals never speak to their executive board about cybersecurity issues. But we all know there are things that they really need to hear. Now there’s a way to get their attention: 2015 looks like the year that the long-feared EU data protection regulations will become law, and that’s going to affect everyone’s cybersecurity policy and practice.

So, when you get their attention, what should you tell them? Can you use the threat of data protection regulation to retool your operation and security policy - and what should you be doing?

Join Carl Leonard and Neil Thacker from Websense, Dale Vile from Freeform Dynamics, and Tim Phillips from the Reg on 6 November at 11:00 GMT to get answers to these important questions.


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