Intel, Cisco and co reveal PLANS to keep tabs on WORLD'S MACHINES

Connecting everything to everything... Er, good idea?

RoTM GE, Intel, Cisco, and Verizon have announced a big data deal to connect Predix — GE’s software platform — to machines, systems, and edge devices regardless of manufacturer.

“By connecting more assets and equipment (to each other and people) at the edge to the cloud, industrial operators gain more insight into the performance of their operations,” said a GE press statement.

In other words, more data will help cut costs.

The platform will be able to connect to everything from railways to electric power grids, air traffic control towers, to hospitals even in the remotest and most severe corners of the globe.

"The more we can connect, monitor and manage the world’s machines, the more insight and visibility we can give our customers to reduce unplanned downtime and increase predictability,” said Jeff Immelt, GE chairman & CEO.

“The platform is designed to connect the 85 per cent of unconnected edge devices to the cloud with common platform to secure and manage devices, as well as capture data,” said Doug Davis, an Intel veep.

The Verizon aspect of the deal will feature an alliance on remote monitoring, diagnostics and the ability to resolve maintenance issues virtually anywhere in the world, according to the statement. GE and Verizon will also enter into discussions to collaborate on a single global SIM for global connectivity.

Meanwhile, Cisco will connect Predix to Cisco’s next generation of networking products, to collect and analyse asset performance and operational data, with one already designed industrial router set to work in even in the harshest of environments. ®

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