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No one wants iOS 8 because it's for NERDS - dev

Cool kids have been staying with lucky number seven

The world doesn't seem to want to download the latest version of iOS because it's a "nerd release", an Apple developer has claimed.

For all of those who think a nerd's release generally involves five hours on World of Warcraft followed by 30 seconds on Pornhub, think again.

Developer Andrew Clark claimed that only super-fanbois would bother to use iOS 8 at this stage in the game.

“Can you think of any non-power-user features that it’s worth upgrading for?" he asked. "Home Kit and Health Kit are useless until all the accessory-makers get on board. Extensions and third-party keyboards are great, but a casual user isn’t going to understand or care about them. iCloud Photo Library will be huge but it’s in beta and is switched off by default.”

"It's a nerd release," he added.

Currently, iOS 8 is being shunned by refusenik fanbois. Adoption of the new version of iOS 8 has ground to a halt, with equal numbers of Apple fanfolk using both the new and old operating system.

If true, this means the rollout of iOS 8 has been the least successful since iOS 5.

However, keep the faith everyone, because the gods of Mount Cupertino knows the future is bright.

“iOS 8 is laying the groundwork for the next five years of iOS,” Clark opined. “We’ll look back and see that it was a big turning point, but for now if you haven’t already upgraded, there’s not much pressure to [do so].”

This writer can reveal that he's far too cool to have copped iOS 8. Either that or he just can't be bothered to sit through an interminable 6GB download for the sake of a teeny-tiny change to his phone.

Choose which version of the truth you want to believe. ®

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